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Practically every few months there is a title that becomes an international hit. This was the case with Legacy of Dead, Rise of Merlin and many others. If you wanted to trace the release schedules of Play’n GO in recent years, you would have to spend many hours, because there are about 250 productions.

Therefore, we will try to select a few of the best productions, which present not only exceptional quality, but also that “something” that attracts players from all over the world. If anyone is interested in slot machines, but has not yet tried slots from Play’n GO, now is the best opportunity to do so. Here are some of the most outstanding machines produced by Play’n GO.

Legacy of Dead

The slot machine appeared on the market in 2019 and immediately became a hit. If someone observes the gaming machine market, he should already discover with the first glance what is the reason for the above-average popularity of the slot. It is all about the theme of ancient Egypt, which seems to never get boring. Machines about searching for ancient treasures and traversing temples regularly conquer the charts.

However, Legacy of Dead is more than just an adventure machine. Play’n GO has applied some interesting solutions here, which will certainly appeal to fans of games of chance. At first, it is worth noting the very nice graphic design. In the background is the interior of a mysterious temple, illuminated by an animated fire. The game itself is placed on a stylized interface, which is well known from Play’n GO productions.

Several special options can be activated in the game, which makes hitting winning combinations much easier:

Wild – swaps with other symbols (except Scatter) and makes it easier to create combinations.

Scatter – when 3 Scatter symbols are hit, a special round with free spins is triggered. At the beginning, one expanding symbol is drawn, which can even cover the whole screen, which will result in a very high win.

Legacy of dead is a very enjoyable production that is sure to appeal to most players. Especially since it has a decent RTP of 94.5%.

Rise of Merlin

Rise of Merlin

Another adventure hit from the Play’n GO studio. This time players move to the world of legends about King Arthur. The focus on this slot is on the powerful wizard Merlin and huge dragons. The game was released in 2019 and, as is standard, it has gained a large group of fans.

It is worth noting that in this case the developer did not make an effort to create a game that is overly original. Rise of Merlin presents what typical online slots that are so popular in recent years. It has 5 reels, 3 rows with symbols and 10 win lines.

The game is presented with atmospheric graphics that make the time during the gameplay more enjoyable. In the background you can see some kind of underwater building and bubbles floating upwards. The symbols are nicely done and resemble images from a beautiful, colourful fairy tale. Only one special symbol is implemented in the game, which has as many as two roles. When Merlin’s magic ball appears on the screen, something always happens. As Wild, it swaps with other images, making it easier to form winning combinations. As Scatter, on the other hand, it triggers a round of free spins, where one of the symbols becomes expanding and can even fill the entire screen, giving you huge wins.

Rise of Olympus

This original production was released in 2018. As you can easily guess – it treats about Greek mythology. Interestingly, the title Olympus was skipped in order to move to the underwater kingdom of Poseidon. It is the lord of the waters who is the main character of this production.

The slot machine presents an unusual format. It has 5 reels and 5 rows of symbols. On the left side of the screen there is a symbol board that reloads with each multiple hit in a row, automatically increasing the win multiplier until the symbols are “manually” drawn on the screen again.

Rise of Olympus is a very nice production, which will appeal not only to fans of the atmosphere of Greek mythology. The characters were made with attention to every detail, so it is very easy to guess which symbol represents which gods. The rulers of the lands of mythological Greece are characterised by the following abilities:

  • Hades – converts one type of symbol into another.
  • Poseidon – can summon up to 2 Wild symbols on the screen.
  • Zeus – destroys 2 types of symbols on the screen.

In addition to the above special features, you can come across Scatter and Wild symbols in the game. In this way, on the screen something interesting is happening all the time and you can not get bored here.

Fire Joker

Fire Joker

This is certainly the most popular classic slot in Play’n GO’s output. In this case, the company did not try to introduce numerous changes by force, which can be seen from the first moments. This is a very simple game that has just 3 reels, displaying 3 symbols each and 5 win lines. This game is all about instant gameplay and big wins.

When it comes to the visuals, everything is just nicely done. The game has no specific theme and the only thing it refers to is the fire, with sparks occasionally flying up in the background of the slot. The symbols are the standard and well known in the slot world fruits, stripes, sevens, stars and the eponymous Fire Joker.

There are two special features in the game. The first is the joker feature, which swaps with all symbols in the game. The second is the wheel of fortune, which appears on screen every time you manage to fill all the reels with a single symbol. A multiplier of wins of up to 10x can be drawn on the wheel.

The best games yet to come

Looking at the vastness of the slot machine market, it may seem difficult to create something new. Something original enough to get players to launch a new production instead of a well-liked and proven older production. However, Play’n GO is constantly innovating in some way to ensure that all games include original features. Analysts say that the online gambling market is just developing, and this means that in the coming years you can count on a huge number of interesting productions from Play’n GO.