As with the major sports at sportsbooks, tennis also has a huge prominence in the world of live betting. In fact, tennis, right behind football, is the most bet on live betting worldwide, proving that it is a very attractive and interesting sport for bettors to be able to profit from the opportunities they are seeing in front of them.

The number of live betting markets is also huge in tennis, with punters having over 10 different markets to be able to bet live on a match, whether it be on a player’s final win, the number of games or even the winner of a particular set. The choice is extensive and allows bettors to always have great opportunities to place valuable bets.

Which tennis markets are available to place bets on

As we have already mentioned, in tennis there are betting markets that are not seen in any other sport. In tennis you will find chances to bet on popular markets like:

  • 1 or 2: betting on whether player A or player B will win
  • Number of Games: whether the tennis game will have more or less a certain number of games
  • Set Winners: you can bet on whether you think a player will win a set
  • Service game winner: you can bet on whether you think the service will win the game
  • Odd or even number of games in total
  • Exact result of the set or match
  • Handicap of games between the two players

Place Short Term Sports Bets on Tennis

Tennis bets

In tennis you can place short term bets, meaning that they end in a few minutes or a few hours. This will happen whenever you decide to bet on a tennis match that will take place today or is already being played live.

It is important to remember that in almost all online sportsbooks Brazilian bettors can place their short term bets live on the matches they are following. The big advantage of these bets is that you can see a great opportunity in front of you and make an immediate profit from it.

Long Term Tennis Betting

Long term bets are quite different. These are usually considered special bets as they can last for a week, several weeks or even months. Markets that allow their bettors to try and hit on the winner of a particular tournament, whether it is a Grand Slam or a weekly professional tournament, are considered long term bets.

In addition, you can always place long-term tennis bets to try and hit who will win the most Grand Slams in a season or even who will finish the year in the top position in the ATP or WTA rankings. The big advantage of this type of bet is that you will be able to cheer for a much longer extended period of time and root for the player you bet on to come out the winner for many days.

Who are the biggest stars of Tennis nowadays?

Tennis odds

While in men’s tennis the stars continue being the same of fifteen years ago, the same does not happen with women’s tennis that always has someone new emerging. Get to know some of the biggest tennis stars of the moment.

Roger Federer

The tennis world generally unanimously believes that Roger Federer is the best tennis player in history. He is undoubtedly the most technical and despite his age still compete against more physical players like Nadal or Djokovic. He has a total of 20 Grand Slam tournaments and has left behind other historical players like Sampras, Agassi or Boris Becker.