PayPal started in 1999 and was the pioneer in providing payment services over the Internet. This system really stood out in 2002 when it was acquired by eBay, becoming the preferred payment method for most of its users. This impressive volume reached $71 billion in 2009, and this system now operates in every corner of the world.

PayPal’s main advantage for sports betting fans is that it makes depositing and withdrawing almost instantaneous. By keeping your balance in a separate account, you create a buffer between your bank and Internet betting sites. For many players, this provides extra security – as no betting site operator will receive any of your bank account information.

The disadvantage is that there are fees for receiving money through this system, which always amount to a small percentage of each transaction.

Betting Sites With Paypal – What To Look For Before You Deposit

PayPal Betting Sites

Fortunately, PayPal is very selective in the matter of authorization for the transaction with operators of gambling sites. This means that the deposits accepted by PayPal gambling site convey a sign of reliability on their own. The majority of operators accepting this deposit method consist of reputable brands in the UK, Canada or Europe, which are fully licensed and often their parent companies appear listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Even with this additional level of trust, we recommend that you check their license, responsible gaming policy and an independent certificate of honesty.

Once the legitimacy of the sites has been verified, you can compare the sports covered and the financial incentives.

The betting sites that accept PayPal are usually large and include a variety of popular sports. What needs to be checked is the range of bets offered, and the amount of odds you will receive. Save for the most widespread sports, betting sites will have several significant differences. For example, all the major operators will cover international events, yet only a few offer the range of betting on the smaller domestic leagues in the sports niche.

Financial incentives can be bonuses, promotions and freebets (free bets without risk). Most PayPal betting sites will offer a sign-up bonus, usually between 25% and 100% of your first deposit.  

Ongoing promotions and offers along your path will be more important than the welcome bargain. The best sites tend to make a huge effort to assist their most loyal customers. Check current promotions (and sometimes, previous ones) before signing up to make sure it’s a good option.

How are other gambling sites’ deposit methods compared to paypal?

PayPal Sites

PayPal is a fast way for betting site deposits, but it’s not always the most cost-effective. There are other online payment services that offer lower fees, especially in the realm of receiving money.  

Credit and debit cards are the simplest methods of all to make deposits on the gambling site. They incur no additional charges for the user, and your money is instantly available for betting. Many people are concerned when it comes to giving their card details to online gambling sites. Some people prefer that their betting transactions do not appear on their bank statement for legitimate reasons.